How Important Face Recognition is

Real-time surveillance video (including source entry)
Personnel of scenic spots, schools and other major traffic scenes, efficient passage, 15 minutes pass 5000-8000 people
Pull into blacklist alarm, prevent illegal person from committing a crime again, remove hidden danger, or the stranger direct alarm
Wide dynamic range of 120dB is supported for monitoring in backlight environment, regardless of day or night.
The switch can be output control gate or electric door.
APP Remote Real-time Monitoring, Remote Intercom, Remote Blackout, Remote Alarm, Remote Input Face, View Record
The chain store member checks the attendance, does not need to punch the card, the natural access card, no matter how many shops you have, cloud end can manage unifiedly.
  • So what do you know about face recognition and application? Whether it's a hotel, a school, a chain store, a community scene, whether you're monitoring, payment, or attendance, there's no single gun-machine face recognition problem that can't be solved. Our major is to provide holistic solutions and find partners who are willing to make great contributions to intelligent India, and that is what we do, not to earn a price difference by cutting costs to a product.